Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight through regular exercise? Unfortunately, the way you work out may not be ideally suited to help you reach your goals in time. Often, spending hours at the gym doing cardios is not the best way to torch calories and you may want to try other options.

When aiming to burn substantial fat, kettlebell training can be an extremely effective option. Such workouts can not only help you torch the calories but provide several other benefits to your body. A kettlebell instructor can help you get faster results.

What are Functional Workouts

Workouts that focus on everyday movements that form a part of your daily chores are broadly classified as functional workouts. As the term indicates, these workouts comprise repetitive motions of everyday movements such as sitting, squatting, walking, running, climbing, bending, lifting, stretching, jumping, and sprinting and so on. The range is exhaustive and covers almost all types of movements your body is likely to perform throughout the day.

Understandably, your body goes through a lot during each session of kettlebell training; which is just what the doctor ordered for weight loss. Additionally, you improve your mobility; flexibility; posture; stability; overall body balance and strength and stamina. Life becomes easier; everyday chores are no longer difficult and there is less chance of fall or an injury.

That is a lot that you can get from a workout session which is why you must try out functional exercise modules.

Using Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss

There are several reasons why functional exercises are helpful for those seeking to lose weight.

Firstly, this type of workout focuses on your entire body rather than specific zones. So instead of doing just cardios or strength training or aerobics on any particular day; you focus on all minor and major muscles that works together while you perform your tasks. This impact is spread to the entire body which leads to more weight loss.

Secondly, strenuous workouts such as strength training; HIIT; or cardios can wear out your muscles which means you need to have longer rest periods for the body to recover. This may result in a dip in your metabolic rate on your rest days which is what you don’t want. Functional workouts are low intensity movements that can be done every day without any risk of muscle degeneration.

You just repeat the same movements that you do in your regular chores at the same pace. Your body continues to maintain an optimum metabolic rate and weight loss happens gradually over time.

Thirdly, during functional exercises the anaerobic energy mechanism of your body is activated even while the lean muscles develop simultaneously. Together, both these improve your active and resting metabolic rate so that you body continues to burn fat even on days you don’t work out.


Functional workouts also trigger the release of growth hormones which is a fat burning hormone that aids in weight loss.

As your strength; flexibility; body balance and stamina improve over time, you can try out more strenuous functional workout varieties for faster weight loss. Continue with the workouts even after reaching your ideal weight so as to maintain a strong and supple body. Before you enrol in a personal training certification, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

How to Choose a Gold Coast Boot Camp

Your choice of Gold Coast boot camp depends on your goal. If your goal is to lose weight and develop a well-toned muscled body, fitness boot camps have focused fitness sessions that are rigorous and intense to burn body fat and tone muscle.

Bootcamps in Gold Coast provides specific, concentrated and tailor made training programs, aimed at losing body fat, build stamina and muscle. They have resistance training programs that increase strength and energy in your body in order to cope with any kind of physical activity.

Gold Coast Boot Camp

Before the start of a training regimen, it is necessary to take an evaluation of your body and its dimensions in order to assess the results after the training program. Choose a Gold Coast boot camp that considers it necessary to take a fitness assessment, as it would provide customized training sessions that are specific to your requirements and abilities.

At boot camp Gold Coast, certified, experienced and knowledgeable personal instructors make a note of your health condition, design fitness exercises to suit your needs and compare notes after a couple of months of training program.

How to Find the Best 12 week program in Your Locality?

If you are looking for a suitable 12 week program with the right personal trainer, besides checking out local gyms you could try the internet. There are dozens of personal trainer websites to check out and it might take time and effort to find the ideal one for your needs. As and when you narrow down the search to a few names, you can then start the process of selecting which personal trainers you would like to personally check out for your 12 week program. Keep in mind the following traits before making a final decision:

Knowledge and experience

As in any profession the more qualified and experienced a person is, the better they would be in handling their job and the 12 week program. So you should check out the trainer’s qualifications and working background. So not get carried away by just the looks, physique and smart talking of an Adonis type trainer. Ignore such outward attractions – unless the qualifications and knowledge meet required standards.


Making work-outs personal

As the title personal trainer implies, the training involved should be tailored to your personal requirements. After a detailed study of the same, the trainer should draw up a programme to fit your special needs. If the trainer tends to stick to generalised workouts and equipment for the sessions his or her whole approach will have a ‘general’ flavour – not what you are looking for.

Support and encouragement

Only a trainer who really enjoys the work will give you that extra bit of support and encouragement you require to successfully work out. Such trainers are passionate and knowledgeable about their work and believe they can affect the results you are looking for.

Being accountable

When you are into your 12 week program both you and the personal trainer are responsible to make the sessions a success. You need to put in your best effort during each work-out and not cancel sessions unnecessarily. The personal trainer needs to use his knowledge and expertise to steer you through the work-outs and make adjustments and corrections where required. You also need to stick to the meal plans by eating a meal a day once a week for optimum results.

Concern and care

A good personal trainer will ensure the client performs at a comfort level. The trainer has to instil confidence and an earnest desire to perform well in the client. A consistent and caring approach is required from the trainer so that the client feels comfortable and can then perform to optimum levels.


So keep in mind all the above points when you start narrowing down your list of potential personal trainers. Many local gyms employ trainers to guide their clients through their work-outs. If by word of mouth you hear of any gym using the services of a particularly good trainer you could sign up with that gym for a 12 week program with some personal training sessions and save yourself the bother of going on the internet.

Otherwise you need to go through the process mentioned above and narrow down the list till you find a personal trainer who will suit you best. Also do not get carried away by lower training rates being offer by any trainer. This could indicate such a trainer is not getting enough business for whatever reason. If the credentials, personality and experience are good, look no further.

Tips for Fitness Seo & Web Design

Why You Should Email Your Fitness Clients On a Weekly Basis

Fitness industry is very huge and client retention is a very important task. In order to do that you must stay connected with your clients even when they are not attending sessions with you. A good fitness marketing strategy is to email your clients on a weekly basis.


Cheapest mode of marketing

Email is the cheapest mode of marketing that you can do from a remote location. If you have done all your Fitness Seo & Web Design correctly you should be able to build pretty quickly an impressive list of emails contact details.

You do not have to invest large amount of money or resources in using this fitness marketing technique. Also it is quick and easy. Emails are retrievable and can be easily forwarded to a number of people.

Open communication

It is very important to keep all lines of communication open when dealing with clients. You can email clients regularly to know what other type of trainings they want, their general feedback on training services and whether they want any specific issues to be addressed.

It helps your clients feel that their opinion and feedback matters and is important to you. You can have a short feedback form that can be sent to them. Make sure it is not too lengthy or elaborate. This is a great Fitness Seo & Web Design strategy that is used by many fitness businesses.

New offers and schemes

Weekly emails can be a great way to notify clients about new offers and schemes. Make sure you send them to current as well as past clients. Your current clients can forward the offers to their friends and family and you could end up getting new customers for your business. Emailing past clients about attractive offers can be a good way to come back for you for availing the schemes.

Value addition

Emails can be used as a great way to add value to your services. You can send emails on health and exercise tips, weight-loss recipes, latest studies, upcoming trends in the fitness industry etc. These value added tips are great educational material and make your clients feel that they are getting much more than what they are paying for. It also keeps clients interested and engaged. It is a widely used Fitness Seo & Web Design strategy.

Follow up

Email is a great way to follow up with your clients. You can remind them about the milestones that they have completed during the week and what their targets are for the coming weeks. If they are on a diet, send motivational quotes or a cheerful message to motivate them to go on. Emails are a good way to remind clients of their targets for the next week and whether they need to do any special preparation before coming for the next session.

Notification about new launches

If you are launching a new fitness service or product, email is a great way to announce it to your clients. It makes clients feel special and they are motivated to try out the new product or service.

Using emails for fitness marketing is a widely used method to attract more clients and get more business. Do not overdo it and do not make emails too lengthy or too frequent. Make a plan and stick to it. It is very important to be consistent when you are using emails as a mode of marketing and staying in touch with clients.

Tips you will learn from your UK personal training qualification

Why Fasted Cardio Is Not Good For Your Clients

Fasted cardio is when a person does cardio on an empty stomach. Many fitness enthusiasts believe that doing fasted cardio allows burning of more fat. However, personal training qualification in UK will teach you the disadvantages of making your clients do fasted cardio.

Low on Energy

Exercise requires good and healthy food as fuel. Having a protein rich meal before starting any exercise boosts the energy level. Thus your client gets energy and stamina to do high intensity exercises with less effort. An empty stomach can lead to reduced performance during exercises and can make the person tired very easily.



There is a very high chance of your clients feeling faint or light-headed if they are doing cardio on an empty stomach. This is because the glucose levels go down substantially leading to hypoglycemic dizziness.

High risk of catabolism

Fasted cardio exercises are associated with a higher risk of catabolism. Especially for clients who work out in the mornings, fasted cardio can cause a negative effect on their workout results. This is because cortisol hormone levels are high in the morning. Doing cardiovascular exercises in a fasted state can induce the body to use amino acids as fuel, thus leading to muscle loss.

No long term benefits

Fasted cardio does not promote long term fat burning. In many cases, fat loss occurs when high intensity workouts are done on an empty stomach. However, sustained fat loss does not occur once the body cools down. Hence to get long term benefits and sustained fat and weight loss, it is better to avoid fasted cardio for your clients. Choose from the various fitness courses available in the UK market to understand the physiology behind this and serve your clients better.

High risk of injury

An empty stomach can make you lose focus when you are exercising. Especially if you have clients who are using advanced equipments for workouts, loss of focus can lead to them slipping and injuring themselves. When a person is low on energy, they tend to put less effort while exercising and this can cause them to get injured.

Fitness Training Tips For Success Daily

Fitness training is important for those individuals who want to remain healthy and fit. You’ll find lots of training tips which can assist you in your endeavor in achieving your goal. All these guidelines are actually designed to aid the individual or sportsman to maximize the results of their training. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention some essential fitness training tips.

1. Integrate various workouts

This particular training tip will show us how to combine various types of workouts for maximizing the training. Muscle exercise, aerobic exercises, core stability as well as stretching are the secrets to a successful training. It is recommended to commence your training with aerobic exercise followed by muscle exercise and then the core stability as well as the stretching workout.

2. Perform the workouts in the morning

According to many studies, those individuals who perform workouts early in the morning have a tendency to stick to their training routine much more effectively compared to those that do exercises in the afternoon or after working hours. This particular training tip depends on the fact that the majority of the individuals have more vigor early in the day. Furthermore, we usually plan our day in the morning and, therefore, morning is undoubtedly a better time to work out.

3. Do more than one set

Lots of individuals think that performing only a single set of exercises will be enough to keep them healthy and fit. However, it is not the fact and the reality is that we require multiple sets of exercises to reach our goal. This particular training tip is probably the best of all. Your system requires doing lots of movements to successfully train and workout. Most of the exercises provide the best results if performed in 2 or 3 sets. It is suggested for a newbie to start with only one set in case he has no previous experience in fitness exercising. The number can be increased once he gets accustomed to the exercise.


Other training tips will include performing workouts outdoors as well as at home whenever possible. At present, we are quite busy in our daily life and hardly find any time to visit the fitness center in our locality. In such conditions, working out in our own place is recommended. Many individuals prefer to find lame excuses in order to avoid performing workouts even when they know that they require it. Exercising outdoors such as running, walking and so on will help to prevent boredom and also provide you with the variety required to exert yourself fully.

The above-mentioned training guidelines are intended for those individuals who have just commenced their training or are finding it very hard to follow their training routine