Why You Should Email Your Fitness Clients On a Weekly Basis

The fitness industry is very huge and client retention is a very important task. In order to do that you must stay connected with your clients even when they are not attending sessions with you. A good fitness marketing strategy is to email your clients on a weekly basis.

The cheapest mode of marketing

Email is the cheapest mode of marketing that you can do from a remote location. If you have done all your Fitness Seo & Web Design correctly you should be able to build pretty quickly an impressive list of emails contact details.

You do not have to invest a large amount of money or resources in using this fitness marketing technique. Also, it is quick and easy. Emails are retrievable and can be easily forwarded to a number of people.

Open communication

It is very important to keep all lines of communication open when dealing with clients. You can email clients regularly to know what another type of training they want, their general feedback on training services and whether they want any specific issues to be addressed.

It helps your clients feel that their opinion and feedback matters and is important to you. You can have a short feedback form that can be sent to them. Make sure it is not too lengthy or elaborate. This is a great Fitness Seo & Web Design strategy that is used by many fitness businesses.

New offers and schemes

Weekly emails can be a great way to notify clients about new offers and schemes. Make sure you send them to current as well as past clients. Your current clients can forward the offers to their friends and family and you could end up getting new customers for your business. Emailing past clients about attractive offers can be a good way to come back for you for availing the schemes.

Value addition

Emails can be used as a great way to add value to your services. You can send emails on health and exercise tips, weight-loss recipes, latest studies, upcoming trends in the fitness industry, etc. These value-added tips are great educational material and make your clients feel that they are getting much more than what they are paying for. It also keeps clients interested and engaged. It is a widely used Fitness Seo & Web Design strategy.

Follow up

Email is a great way to follow up with your clients. You can remind them about the milestones that they have completed during the week and what their targets are for the coming weeks. If they are on a diet, send motivational quotes or a cheerful message to motivate them to go on. Emails are a good way to remind clients of their targets for the next week and whether they need to do any special preparation before coming for the next session.

Notification about new launches

If you are launching a new fitness service or product, email is a great way to announce it to your clients. It makes clients feel special and they are motivated to try out the new product or service.

Using emails for fitness marketing is a widely used method to attract more clients and get more business. Do not overdo it and do not make emails too lengthy or too frequent. Make a plan and stick to it. It is very important to be consistent when you are using emails as a mode of marketing and staying in touch with clients.