Do you want to lose weight through regular exercise? Unfortunately, the way you work out may not be ideally suited to help you reach your goals in time. Often, spending hours at the gym doing cardios is not the best way to torch calories and you may want to try other options.

When aiming to burn substantial fat, kettlebell training can be an extremely effective option. Such workouts can not only help you torch the calories but provide several other benefits to your body. A kettlebell instructor can help you get faster results.

What are Functional Workouts

Workouts that focus on everyday movements that form a part of your daily chores are broadly classified as functional workouts. As the term indicates, these workouts comprise repetitive motions of everyday movements such as sitting, squatting, walking, running, climbing, bending, lifting, stretching, jumping, and sprinting and so on. The range is exhaustive and covers almost all types of movements your body is likely to perform throughout the day.

Understandably, your body goes through a lot during each session of kettlebell training; which is just what the doctor ordered for weight loss. Additionally, you improve your mobility; flexibility; posture; stability; overall body balance and strength and stamina. Life becomes easier; everyday chores are no longer difficult and there is less chance of fall or an injury.

That is a lot that you can get from a workout session which is why you must try out functional exercise modules.

Using Kettlebell Training for Weight Loss

There are several reasons why functional exercises are helpful for those seeking to lose weight.

Firstly, this type of workout focuses on your entire body rather than specific zones. So instead of doing just cardios or strength training or aerobics on any particular day; you focus on all minor and major muscles that works together while you perform your tasks. This impact is spread to the entire body which leads to more weight loss.

Secondly, strenuous workouts such as strength training; HIIT; or cardios can wear out your muscles which means you need to have longer rest periods for the body to recover. This may result in a dip in your metabolic rate on your rest days which is what you don’t want. Functional workouts are low intensity movements that can be done every day without any risk of muscle degeneration.

You just repeat the same movements that you do in your regular chores at the same pace. Your body continues to maintain an optimum metabolic rate and weight loss happens gradually over time.

Thirdly, during functional exercises the anaerobic energy mechanism of your body is activated even while the lean muscles develop simultaneously. Together, both these improve your active and resting metabolic rate so that you body continues to burn fat even on days you don’t work out.


Functional workouts also trigger the release of growth hormones which is a fat burning hormone that aids in weight loss.

As your strength; flexibility; body balance and stamina improve over time, you can try out more strenuous functional workout varieties for faster weight loss. Continue with the workouts even after reaching your ideal weight so as to maintain a strong and supple body. Before you enrol in a personal training certification, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.