Starting your own personal training fitness website means you are ready to move to a bigger platform from just working with a few clients in your area. It also means that you need to select a strong domain name so that you get enough leads who could become your future customers. Choosing the right domain name will achieve two things – it will get you more customers and also increase your popularity in search engines. It is all a part of your larger fitness marketing strategy.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing the right domain name for your personal trainer website.

Keep the keywords in mind
Since you are kickstarting a fitness website, it should be conveyed on your domain name. For example, you should keywords such as fitness, health, weight loss or even nutrition in your domain name. So when a prospective client is searching for information with these keywords, your website’s name would pop-up or be part of the results in the search engine. You can join this free marketing course with this Fitness Australia CEC provider.

Keep it short and sweet
Nobody is interested in long names such as well-being or happy healthy as none of the users remember to hyphenate or relate such words to health and fitness. It does not work in your favour as people find it too cumbersome to even remember the name of your website. When you create fitness email campaigns be sure to make your emails fun, engaging and informative… nobody wants to be bored!

Don’t forget your brand
It is always important that your domain name should not be too sleazy or boring. Keep your brand name in mind and ensure that you convey that in your name. If you want to convey that you are serious about fitness and health but choose a name such as, then it won’t convey the right meaning nor will it convey your message. So, your brand name should reflect in a way that it only brings more clients to your doorstep.

Try to keep it as local as possible
As part of your fitness strategy, creating a website is to give all your future client information about the services that you are offering. Since you are a personal trainer, your client base will depend on either calling them to your gym or working with your clients in their gym. The Dangerously Fit Academy Certifications are experts with helping you with your fitness marketing strategies.

So, logistically, your aim is to reach out to people who are living in your area or near the vicinity of your fitness centre. So, names such as Dangerously Fit, or will get you customers that are closest to your workplace.

Nevertheless, if your website is popular and your name quite reputed then areas become more of a boundary only in the mind.

Check out your competitors
Before you finalise your domain name, just do a quick check of your domain name on the internet. If it already exists, then revisit and revise your chosen name. You don’t want your new customers to end up going to your competitor. Also, run through the website of your opponent so that you get an idea as to how they are positioning themselves and how can you have an edge over them.